Meli Africa Paragon

Freight & Logistics Management

Meli Africa Paragon provides tailor-made solutions in multidisciplinary businesses and fields which include transport brokerage, logistics, supply chain, freight management and trading advisory


The company was founded in 2016 but our journey began a long time before that. The comprehensive and innovative solutions we offer have been developed by the integration of many years of intellectual capital over 20 years of experience, new technologies and mainly constant care by the individuals dealing with our clients


We strive by adopting the belief that we do not know it all and we are flexible enough to learn from and with our clients

Products & Services

  • Transport brokerage, solutions for freight and logistics management (All modes of transport)
  • Dedicated or multi-user supply chain solutions
  • Procurement and advisory solutions
  • Trade advisory and special projects management
  • Regulations advisory & agency recommendations

Quick Facts

  • Global footprint & proudly African
  • Industry expects
  • Strive for green and low carbon footprint supply chain solutions
  • Harnesses available skills and always searches and develops new comprehensive learning & talent
  • Embraces new technologies to support clients strategic objectives

Strengths and Values

  • Ability to adapt and embrace change and diversity
  • Trust and respect for our employees, partners and clients
  • Provide everyone involved with the greatest value
  • Encouraging initiative, creativity, and teamwork
  • Reliability, safety, efficiency in our services
  • Growing mutual relationships with all stakeholders
  • Meli Africa Paragon respects the environment and laws within which we operate in

Strategy and Commitment

  • Providing & delivering high standards of services & quality, respectively
  • Our partnerships will always be professional, punctual and mostly ethical
  • We take responsibility and care for the environment, health & safety whilst meeting economic goals
  • We embrace technology to improve our services and meet our customers’ requirements
  • We respect the awareness of similar services and ability but we want to differentiate ourselves on how we apply ourselves

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296 Aloe Place, Greenstone Drive, Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg, 1609